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And the award for fandom fail of the year goes to… Teen Wolf for Comic Con 2014 instead of try to get more people to watch your show, you managed to drive more people away! Congratulations Teen Wolf.


I dig your sarcasm. ;)


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Do still watch TW?



No, I don’t. The only thing I’ve been watching recently are the ratings and yes, I will be the one to say that I cheer each week when I see how low they are. 

I’m a fan of the first two seasons. I am a fan of most of the characters and I am a fan of some of the actors’ talents.

I’m not a fan of being used, abused and treated like dirt. I’m not a fan of being mocked, made fun of and judged by people who know nothing about us as a fandom, that of Teen Wolf as a whole and of Sterek specifically. I’m not a fan of broken storylines, lack of continuity, raging consent issues, mistreatment of women and POC actors and characters or tired, overused and predictable plotlines. I’m not a fan of arrogant and butthurt writers that can’t handle criticism about literally anything.

And as I’ve said before, I’m not leaving fandom, not really. Today I reached the point where I had to blacklist “teen wolf”, at least for a while, because I feel so let down by so many aspects of the show, the cast, the crew and some of the fans. 

But I whitelisted the things and characters that I like and will continue to blog about them. I still read fanfiction (BECAUSE FANFICTION IS A GLORIOUS AND WONDERFUL THING AND JEFF WISHES HE WAS ON OUR LEVEL) and have been writing when inspiration strikes me (I have like 10 WIPS rn). 

One year ago I was so happy. I was the fixer, every issue on the show and said by TPTB, I had an answer for. I worked so hard to spin everything into something positive because I was so truly filled with hope, trust and belief. 

Today I am not any of those things. I am angry, disappointed and let down. And the fact that I have changed is a direct result to the treatment this community has received by TPTB. They created what I am today. This is their fault.

I am a bitter Teen Wolf fan and as much as I clung to that word just a few weeks ago, I think as of right now, the word “fan” only applies loosely in my case. 

For those of you who questioned my leaving of Teen Wolf, this post could not have summed up my feelings any better. And one of the reasons that this upsets me so much, besides being hopeful and positive about something that had so much potential, is that I spent so much time with this show that it became somewhat of a crutch for me. Teen Wolf did so much for me those first two seasons, and then season 3 came along and just… turned what I loved into a joke. 

I know some people won’t understand my attachment to this show, and it has a lot to do with personal issues also, but I am just really, truly upset about this. 

I still want to participate in terms of reblogging things, and reading fics, like the person above, but I don’t want to see these characters butchered any more than they have been, so… 

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An open letter to anyone involved in that mockery that was reading Teen Wolf fanfiction only to make fun of it.





Congratu-fucking-lations to Clever TV (whatever the fuck that is), Jeff Davis and the Teen Wolf Cast who were involved in that frankly ridiculous and mean display of reading aloud snippets of fanfiction.

Just think about what you did there. You took three fanfictions, small snippets from them and took them out of the context of a whole story. And then you went on to ridicule them. So now there are three people out there who are feeling shit about themselves and about their writing.

What if those were the first stories for these writers? What if these were young people who just had their confidence dashed? What if it took all of their courage to post these stories, hoping that someone, anyone, would like them, only to have their work read aloud, out of context, by people who were obviously just waiting for them to be bad?

I hope you are all really proud of yourselves. You may have just made someone vow never to try to write again, which means that they won’t ever improve on their writing because EVERYONE improves their writing over time, but you’ve taken that away from them. Some great piece of literature may never be written now, we’ll never know.

We are your fans. We are what gives the show ratings. We are who make the hype for your show, even though it is declining in quality. And you mock us? You take something that has been happening for as long as there have been works for people to write about and shit all over it. Fanfiction should be heralded, not made fun of.


 I swear to God, I am so sick of being made fun of by these people for enjoying their content. I get to enjoy it in whatever way I choose and you shouldn’t be able to make fun of me for it. You shouldn’t be calling me sick and twisted for liking a non canon pairing or telling me I’m watching it for the wrong reasons. You shouldn’t be downplaying the popularity of one of my ships in the “real world”, only to turn around and play all over that apparently only Tumblr popular ship to get ratings. You shouldn’t be making fun of me for writing fanfiction and taking the show in directions you never would and/or could. 

We are fans. We are the power behind your show. Do you know how many shows get axed because they’re not popular enough? You are popular because of us. And what do you do? You put us down all the time for being fans of your show and being creative about it, being passionate about it. Well guess what, you keep going the way you’re going and no one’s going to make you one of the highest producers of fanworks anymore, that’s a pretty huge thing in this day and age. People are going to stop tuning in and there go your ratings. People are going to be so disenchanted by you making fun of us for one thing or another and they’re not going to tune in to any future works of yours in case it happens again.

Just stop. Stop shitting all over your fans. We love this show, we love these people, and you’re making it so hard for us to continue to love you.

*sighs deeply but is not surprised this happened*

Do you know what two things I find well and truly bitterly amusing?

First: one of the fics mocked was a finalist in Teen Wolf’s official fanfic contest back in 2012.


So, with that in mind, dear mtv and teenwolf powers that be, please explain to us why exactly we should trust you with our fanworks.


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If you could use one word to describre the following characters, what would it be?

Holland calling out the queerbaiting like no big deal.


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WEST COAST. http://lanadel.re/WESTCOAST

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Holland Roden @ Coachella 2014
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Teen Wolf Cast (P2) -> MTV Movie Awards 2014

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Holland on The Red Carpet

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Holland Roden at MMA 2014

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